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Bath Remodel Ideas: Should You Go Vintage?


Looking for some new, unique bath remodel ideas? One trend that seems to be sweeping the nation (and Pinterest) is vintage bathroom features. What was once old, is now new – but with a modern twist.

Vintage can be characterized by a specific style that occurred between the 1920s through the 1960s. The alluring appeal of vintage pieces lies in their previous lives and stories. Showcasing any vintage piece is sure to strike up a conversation with guests. However, keep in mind that the vintage style is not for everyone.

Vintage Bath Ideas

Your bathroom should be a functional space, but should also emulate your style and tastes. If you’re considering taking the vintage route in terms of bath décor, one option is to update your bath fixtures with vintage pieces.

While you may want to get your hands on original vintage pieces, replicas of those same pieces may be easier to find (and easier on your wallet). Here, we’ve compiled a small list of vintage bathroom fixture ideas to give your bath that vintage flair you’re looking for.

Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub

While you may not recognize it by the name, these bathtubs will surely give your bathroom the vintage look (click here for some pictures to jog your memory!).

Pedestal Sink

These types of sinks typically take up less room and can be an ideal option for a smaller bathroom. If you’re looking for a vintage bath sink, the pedestal sink will be your best bet!

Penny Tile

Penny tile is a popular option for those looking for a vintage look in their bath. This type of tile can also be thought of as mosaic tile. Either way, with penny tile, you’re going to get a vintage flair.

Southwest Florida Bath Remodeling: We’ll Help You Go Vintage!

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida is here to help! We’re experts at remodeling and can help you add the vintage flair you’re looking for in your bathroom.

With us, you receive a free in-home consultation and you do not have to pay any deposit to get started! Our expert staff will help you pick the right pieces for your bath and make sure everything is installed right – the first time.

Ready to turn your bathroom into a vintage masterpiece? Contact us today!