Cabinet Features

High Quality, Handmade and Custom

Cornerstone’s cabinets are not standard cabinets. We have our own standard. Our kitchen cabinets are built by hand, not moved down a production line or lifted out of a box. They are made from raw, beautiful hardwoods (the whole cabinet, not just what is easily visible) and designed to meet your exact needs. Stunning and functional, Cornerstone’s cabinets are custom built to last.

1 Cabinet Construction

Cornerstone builds cabinets out of ¾ maple, ¾ plywood and ⅝ melamine.

  • Melamine is the most economically priced.
  • Maple and plywood are both very close in cost, water resistance and sturdiness. The main difference between these two materials is the color of the inside of your cabinets. If you want to have the inside of your cabinets match the color of your doors, you can upgrade to a finished interior. This will either consist of painting/staining to match wood doors (¾ maple) and laminating/painting to match the medium density fiberboard (MDF) doors (¾ plywood).
  • MDF is used for thermofoil
  • Thermofoil is a plastic material that is thermoformed to an underlying engineered wood core, such as MDF.
  • Cornerstone doors come in two primary types, MDF (thermofoil/paint) and wood (stain/paint).

Wood has a classic look, but it will have variations that are outside of our control. Wood is taken from nature, so there will be natural variations giving it its natural look.

  • Wood doors are made by taking the outer door molding and seaming the four corners around an inside panel.
  • Thermofoil doors are crafted out of large sheets of MDF on one of our CNC machines. These measurements are inputted into our software, which will map it out, maximizing the yield per sheet. This means all MDF doors can be made with complete precision down to about a 10,000th of an inch. There are no variations in this material, as MDF is a man-made material. From here MDF can be either painted or pressed with thermofoil.

The back panels, sides and frames are made out of the same wood material as the front of the cabinets.

Cornerstone doesn’t cut corners.

Using quality materials helps cabinets last longer and sustain more weight.

2 Hinges

Cornerstone offers a multitude of hinges, including soft-close hinges.

  • The standard hinge on kitchen cabinets are zinc diecast and nickel plated steel. While the standard is 2- to 4-way adjustable, custom hinges go up to 8-way adjustable.
  • Hinges vary depending on what’s needed. With new cabinets, custom hinge types are rarely used; however, if something is needed in an abnormal area, such as a corner cabinet, a special hinge is available.
  • Special hinges are more prominent when refacing cabinets. In this case, Cornerstone re-laminates the outside of your existing cabinets and replaces the doors to match. Hinges with varying overlay hinge plates are added, and micro-adjustments can be made to make the doors appear to be mounted on perfectly straight cabinets.

3 Drawers

Cornerstone drawers come in depths between a couple inches to 48 inches deep! The standard drawer — with interior stain resistant coating —  is typically between 16  to 18 inches deep.

Multiple inserts and options are available to help you keep your drawers organized.

4 Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Dovetail drawer boxes at Cornerstone are special.

They are all handcrafted by our expert craftsmen.

The exposed hardwood on the sides has a soft-sanded finish with a clear polish over top.

These kitchen drawers are of a higher quality than the standard drawers using locking joints.

  • Locking joints use wedge-shaped channels (tails and pins) cut into the wood that interlock with one another. The locking joints make the drawer able to withstand a great amount of force.
  • Dovetail drawers, because of their construction, offer more holding capacity.

5 Drawer Slides/Tracks

Drawer slides help provide full access to the drawer. Ball bearings work with the slides to make operating the drawer a breeze and support the weight needed.

  • The standard tracks used at Cornerstone are ball-bearing side mounts. There are a variety of upgrades available, including soft-close.
  • Under-mounts are the upgraded tracks, standardly used with our dovetail drawers. They mount to the bottom of the drawer and allow for the maximum amount of space to be used, as the track itself doesn’t have to take up any of the drawer opening.

Cornerstone knows picking the right tracks and hardware can be confusing, with so many options available: side-mount, under-mount, push-to-open, self-close, soft-close, weight-rated. Our experienced design team will help you every step of the way.

6 Customizable Kitchens

Cornerstone employees custom measure your space and help turn your home into a functional and beautiful space.

  • One of the biggest benefits of custom drawers and cabinets is the ability to maximize space, leaving no dead space.
  • Another benefit is creating a drawer or cabinet that fits all unusual angles or dimensions.
  • Cabinets have many customizable features — from glass doors to open interior — and various finishes (painting, staining or laminating to bring your vision to life.)

7 Warranty

Cornerstone offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all products that we manufacture against material defects for as long as you own your home. We know your cabinets are an investment, so we want you and your family to enjoy them for years to come.

Make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood!

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