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FAQs | Custom Kitchen Cabinets

How Much Will I Save By Refacing My Cabinets?

The average reface using Thermofoil doors will save you approximately 30% – 40% off of the cost of a good quality new cabinet. Using wood doors, the savings is approximately 25% – 30%.

If I Need To Replace A Few Cabinets, Can I Still Reface The Rest?

Yes. We can make new replacement cabinets and then reface everything else to match. From the outside, it will all look like it has always been there!

Do You Refinish Existing Wood Cabinet Doors?

No. The labor involved in stripping and refinishing existing cabinet doors is extensive, messy and often the doors will not absorb the stain properly after they have been stripped. It is actually more cost effective to replace the doors with new ones and re-veneer the existing cabinet boxes.

What Is Your Warranty On New Cabinets or Cabinet Refacing?

Because we are so confident in the products that we offer, we offer a lifetime material warranty on all products manufactured at Cornerstone. Our warranty protects against material defect for as long as you own the home, covering new custom kitchen cabinets and cabinet refacing with Thermofoil or Wood doors.

Will You Help Me With Designing My Kitchen?

Yes! Our experienced designers will come to your home, measure the project and design your kitchen that will make the best use of your space. We use a computer design program that shows you the layout of your new kitchen in 3D, so that you can see what your custom kitchen will look like before we install it!

Why Should I Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets Instead of Stock Cabinets?

Stock Cabinets:

  • Stock cabinets are mass-produced in a factory meaning no thought is given to individual customers and their needs.
  • Stock cabinets limit the customer to whatever sizes are in that company’s catalog. As a result, there is often more dead space in the kitchen because there are extra large fillers.
  • If a stock cabinet arrives damaged or not shipped at all, your project will be halted until that cabinet arrives. You don’t want to prevent progress from being made on your dream kitchen!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets:

  • With custom kitchen cabinets, your space is utilized in the most efficient way possible and your cabinets are built just for you!
  • If one of our cabinets is the wrong size, damaged, or we have to remake it, we will rebuild and install it quickly to ensure that your project can continue moving along!
  • Custom kitchen cabinets allow for better use of your spacesmoother installation and quicker turnaround times.

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