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Kitchen Decisions | Refrigerator: Side-by-Side or Bottom Freezer


Are you about to tackle a kitchen remodel? Your kitchen appliances are often the most used items in your kitchen, and typically require a big investment. Choosing the perfect appliances to match both your style and preferred functionality are important. There are a variety of makes and models to choose from when selecting a refrigerator; however, it’s important to choose a refrigerator that will suit your everyday needs. We found an article in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine where they asked Professional, Tarek El Moussa, his opinion on either choosing a side-by-side or bottom-freezer. Also, 59% of HGTV readers chose a bottom-freezer, while only 41% selected a side-by-side.

Kitchen Decisions from the Professionals

Tarek El Moussa, from Flip or Flop, stated that:

“Bottom-freezer is my choice too. Although there’s usually less freezer space, it gives you extra room in the fridge and more options for customizing the height and configuration of the shelves. Plus the horizontal lines flow better with the lines of the cabinetry and countertops.”

We also agree with Professional Tarek El Moussa and the HGTV readers. A bottom freezer refrigerator provides easy access and great convenience, especially for those that store more fresh food vs. frozen. Bottom freezers have been growing in popularity and are generally more energy efficient. A drawback of a bottom freezer is that they generally cost more. In the end, it’s all about your preferred preference and cooking habits that will ultimately affect your decision.

Helping You Choose a Refrigerator: Side-by-Side or Bottom-Freezer

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