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Here at Cornerstone we use only the highest quality materials for everything that we do, and that includes our glass. We have all in house glass installers and cutters. We fabricate all of our own mirrors and framed mirrors. All of our shower glass is manufactured to fit your custom needs, and is installed by our professionals. The main reason to go with Cornerstone for your glass needs is the peace of mind knowing that it will be handled from start to finish by trained and qualified professionals.

Are all glass companies the same?

All glass may be manufactured the same way; however, you get what you pay for. Meaning if you go with a cheaper option you may be getting a comparable product, but the quality is not there. With our unprecedented warranties here at Cornerstone you can have peace of mind knowing your mirrors and showers and done right, and if any issues arise in the future it will be handled quickly and professionally.

The Mirror
Installation Process

From start to finish you will have peace of mind knowing your mirror will be handled by professionals. After everything else is finished in the area, one of our trained glass installers will come out, take the exact measurements, and answer any questions you may have. After your area has been measured, the drawings and plans go into production where the proper thickness is selected for your needs. After your sheet has been selected by one of our in house professionals, he then moves it to the cutter table, cuts it to your exact size cuts any outlets that may be inside the mirror, and polishes the edge. Your mirror is then brought on site, and installed permanently to your wall to ensure safety.

The Shower Door
Installation Process

Shower doors have always been a staple of luxury amongst bathrooms. Cornerstone makes it easy to obtain this beautiful feature in your bathroom by not using stock sizes. Every shower door we do, whether a small single panel or large 4, 8 or more panel shower we do to custom fit your exact space. We use only the highest quality glass and hardware to ensure quality and safety. One of our glass installers will come out and measure the space, and check if the walls are level to ensure maximum water containment. After your area has been measured the order is placed into production and a perfect custom piece of 5/8 tempered glass is manufactured. After the glass arrives at our warehouse it is inspected to ensure quality and safety, and is then sent to the job site, where it is inspected by the installer and then installed using only the highest quality hardware to ensure beauty and safety.

***Please note due to the nature of frameless shower doors they can leak***

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