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Today’s Kitchen Trends: Wood Flooring


When it’s time to remodel, choosing the proper kitchen flooring is very important. With so many factors to keep in mind (durability, cleaning, style, etc.), it’s vital that you choose the perfect kitchen floors to be installed. One style that is popular among many homeowners is wood flooring – for good reason!

The trend of wood floors in the kitchen used to be a thing of the past, until recently when hardwood kitchen flooring has begun its comeback. The charm, look, and feel of hardwood floors match almost any kitchen.

Why Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are popular for many reasons. One of which is that they are generally easy to clean and maintain. For those who suffer from allergies, hardwood flooring may be a good option as it doesn’t trap dust and pollen like carpet does.

Engineered wood floors are also pretty low maintenance. If properly cared for throughout the years, they will surely last for a long time in your home. The main benefit to talk about, though, is the look of the hardwood floors in any home. They provide a classic look that will last for the life of your home. You can’t beat that!

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Southwest Florida

Looking to add hardwood flooring to your home? Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida can help! In business since 1988 and serving over 16,000 local residents, we’ll help you choose and install the perfect hardwood floors for your home.

With Cornerstone, you’ll receive a free in-home consultation as well as pay no deposit to start your hardwood flooring installation. Need new cabinets or countertops? We do that, too!

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