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5 Types of Floor Tile Patterns


There are plenty of options for flooring in your home – carpet, wood, and tile. However, tile continues to be popular among homeowners and home remodeling contractors. With so many different kinds of tiles and tile patterns, it’s important to install tile that is durable and attractive.

There are two main kinds of material that are used for floor tile: natural stone tile and ceramic tile (marble, granite, and slate). With those, however, there are many more floor tile patterns to choose from. Here, we’ll list 3 types of floor tile patterns and why one might be better for your home.

Floor Tile Pattern #1: Checkerboard Tile

Checkerboard tile looks exactly like what you think: a checkerboard. Using two different colors, you can create a checkerboard-like floor that runs either straight or diagonally.

Floor Tile Pattern #2: Straight Lay Tile

Known as one of the more simple tile patterns, straight lay tile is one of the best options to show every detail of the tile you select.

Floor Tile Pattern #3: Pinwheel Tile

This tile pattern design consists of one small square tile surrounded by four larger tiles. Using the pinwheel tile pattern will allow you to choose a set of colors that complement each other well, such as beige and brown.

Floor Tile Pattern #4: Offset Pattern Tile

When using the offset pattern for your floor tile, your tile installers will offset each tile by approximately half the tile width. Using this pattern will provide a unique look and allow you to choose a range of colors to complement your rooms.

Floor Tile Pattern #5: Diagonal With Dots Tile

This floor tile pattern consists of four large tiles connected by one smaller tile for accent. This option is great for choosing one color for a majority of your décor and using the small tile as an accent piece.

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