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Bamboo Flooring: Going Green in Your Kitchen


Choosing the right kitchen flooring for your home may seem like a daunting task. It’s a process that requires asking yourself a few questions to help reach long-term satisfaction with your new floor. Though there are drawbacks and benefits to all kitchen-flooring options, bamboo flooring for your kitchen is an option that offers something more: it’s environmentally friendly.

Did you know bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource? It grows four feet in 24 hours! This claim came from the well-known HGTV Property Brothers! Using natural materials in your kitchen remodel will not only add monetary value, but personal value as well. The little changes you make in your kitchen remodel can help make a big impact on the environment!

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

  1. Rapidly renewable resource: Available in vast supply, bamboo reaches maturity significantly faster than most trees.
  2. Widely available: Because of its increased popularity, bamboo flooring is now available in just about any flooring store.
  3. Comparable in price: Compared to most wood, bamboo is fairly reasonable in price. Also, bamboo never looks shoddy!
  4. More durable than hardwood: An advantage of bamboo flooring is that it is incredibly durable, lasting longer than hardwood.
  5. Warm and inviting: Bamboo floors can add a timeless touch of class. Bamboo flooring comes in a wide range of different grains and shades, giving you the opportunity to find a shade that matches the rest of your kitchen.
  6. Adaptable: When living in Southwest Florida, the majority of flooring here is susceptible to high humidity and temperature changes. Bamboo is far less sensitive to high humidity and temperature changes; therefore bamboo can be installed in just about any climate, especially Southwest Florida!

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