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Kitchen Cabinet Designs| Chicken Wire


Chicken Wire

Looking for a kitchen cabinet update? We came across an idea on Pinterest, which replaced the center of kitchen cabinet doors with chicken wire. This keeps the contents of your kitchen cabinets visible to everyone.

You can opt out on putting chicken wire on every kitchen cabinet and only select those that will be used for displaying your fine china, personal collections, or your primitive antiques.

Cabinet Refacing

Refacing your kitchen cabinets will transform your entire space. Refacing kitchen cabinets is wallet friendly and avoids the effort of taking out and replacing the entire cabinet. The entire construction process is less complicated, making it easier on the homeowner. The existing cabinet will be intact and in its same place.

According to Houzz, if your cabinets have sturdy frames, refacing can be a good solution. The degree to which you refurbish the cabinets is up to the homeowner.

A Country Feel

Chicken wire refacing gives off the farmhouse vibe. The county kitchen design is recognized by cozy, subtle pieces, and captivating detail. This element is everything you’d expect from a country kitchen design. The mismatched elements will give your space extra style points!

Southwest, Florida Kitchen Cabinet Designs

If you’ve got a vision of your perfect kitchen, your home remodeling contractor can help you turn that vision into reality. At Cornerstone, we understand the amount of planning that goes into any kitchen remodel. From small kitchen updates to a complete kitchen remodel, we’re here to help. With over 16,000 Southwest Florida clients and 26 years in business, we know how to plan for a kitchen remodel and will do our very best to avoid any potential headaches along the way. Interested in a country kitchen design? Contact us today!