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Bathroom Counter Height Options & Considerations


Your bathroom is an area of your home you use every day. With that being said, it’s important to make this room one of the most comfortable rooms in your home. From the shower/tub you choose to the tile to the sink, your bathroom should fit your every need every day.

When you choose to remodel, the bathroom countertop’s height is another decision to make. There are a few options to consider and also some factors that play into that decision. Here, we’ll list a few options for countertop heights and help you along the way to choosing the perfect bathroom countertop height for you!


Considerations When Choosing Bathroom Countertop Height

One of the first things to think about when choosing your bathroom countertop is not the countertop’s height, but YOUR height. The bathroom sink is used for a variety of things – from brushing your teeth to washing your face, it’s important to think about the strain you put on your back as you reach down (or up) to do these things.

Another factor to consider is that of whether you plan to have a bathroom installed. Typically, the standard height for a bathroom vanity is around 30 inches. In addition, it’s also important to factor in the type of bathroom sink you’ll have. For example, if you choose a vessel sink, you may want to opt for the standard bathroom counter height.

Standard Bathroom Counter Height

Standard bathroom countertop height typically ranges from 30 inches. With newer trends in bathroom remodeling, many people are opting for higher countertops to make it easier to do the every day things. However, standard bathroom counter height is perfect for children and would be perfect for the guest bathroom.

Back-Saver Bathroom Counter Height

The back-saver bathroom counter height does exactly what the name entails – saves your back. This counter height ranges from 33-35 inches tall and is ideal for taller adults.

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