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Bathroom Lighting Options: Go Classic With a Bathroom Chandelier


Looking for bathroom lighting ideas and inspiration? One type of lighting you may not have thought of is a bathroom chandelier. While the idea may have once been reserved for fancy dining rooms, bathroom chandeliers are a classic, sophisticated option to add to your bathroom lighting.

Your bathroom is a luxurious space for pampering and relaxation (outside of the busy mornings spent getting ready). Adding a bathroom chandelier will be the perfect focus piece for your bathroom and will be sure to start a conversation among your guests.

Types of Bathroom Chandeliers

While most chandeliers give off the same look/feel, there are also different types for different tastes:

  • Wrought iron chandelier: A rustic feel with an old world charm. These chandeliers are found in vintage inspired rooms.
  • Glass chandelier: Fairly inexpensive compared to the crystal chandelier.
  • Crystal chandelier: Where elegance meets sophistication, this chandelier is found in very extravagant rooms.
  • Candle chandelier: The very first type of chandelier that existed. Perfect for a romantic inspired style.
  • Antler chandelier: Are made from the Antlers of an elk, a deer, or a moose. Popular in hunting lodges, and log cabins.

Is a Bathroom Chandelier Right for You?

The idea of a bathroom chandelier is appealing for most, but it’s important to keep safety features in mind. If you’re looking to add a bathroom chandelier, your bathroom must be equipped with high ceiling. The bottom of the chandelier must be at least 8 feet over the shower threshold or bathtub rim. In addition, you must take into consideration the condensation affecting the ceiling that holds the chandelier (which we can help with!). I’m sure you can picture the potential disaster.

Bath Remodeling in Southwest Florida

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