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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors


Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It’s where your family gathers and where holiday memories are created. As such, it’s important that your kitchen represents everything you want it to. Whether that’s through the soft mood lighting provided by under-cabinet lights or through the natural light that shines through during your morning breakfasts, your kitchen needs to be your place.

Choosing the right kitchen paint colors can set the tone for the rest of your kitchen décor. Whether you decide to go neutral or take some risks with bold colors, remember that paint can always be changed. If you try something and don’t like it, try again!

However, painting can become a pain, so we want to provide some tips on choosing the right kitchen paint colors.

#1: Pay Attention to Existing Finishes

When choosing your paint colors, coordinate them with your cabinets, countertops, and appliances. If you’re updating all of these things, be sure to choose a color that will match with the final product(s). One good option might be to opt for a neutral white, cream, or beige color.

#2: Consider the Paint Color Wheel

To see the relationship between different hues and colors, pay attention to the paint color wheel. Colors that you think will go together may be just the opposite, while colors you’d never imagine to match would add the perfect touch.

#3: Choose a Color for YOU

Colors affect the way we feel. Since your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, it’s important to choose colors that will affect you and your family in a positive way.

Kitchen Paint Colors & Beyond

Kitchen remodeling is so much more than the paint colors you choose. If you’ve got the right paint colors in mind, but need more guidance on remodeling the rest of your kitchen, Cornerstone is here to help! We’ve been serving Southwest Florida for 26 years and have helped over 16,000 residents remodel their homes.

With Cornerstone, you receive a free in-home consultation and we don’t even require a deposit to get your dream project started.

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