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Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Home


Bathroom lighting is based on a combination of both function and style. Lighting in a bathroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms to light than any other room in the house. If you think about all the daily tasks that go on in the bathroom, from shaving, to applying makeup, to doing your hair, it’s important to have adequate lighting.

Professional Bathroom Lighting Tips:

We came across some beneficial lighting tips from lighting professionals from HGTV, that we thought we would share with you. The tips ensure that you properly go about illuminating your bathroom for maximum beauty and functionality. According to HGTV:

Lighting Tip #1: Consult a Lighting Designer

A lighting designer will be able to determine the amount of light needed for your space, and the proper placement.

Lighting Tip #2: Layer the Light

A single light source mounted above the mirror is not sufficient lighting for a bathroom. For good lighting, a bathroom remodel needs the following four types of light:

  • Task lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Decorative lighting

Lighting Tip #3: Create a Scene

In order to create a different lighting scene, it’s recommended to buy dimmers. Dimmers can adjust how bright/dim you want your space.

Lighting Tip #4: Overcome Design Challenges

The majority of bathrooms lack natural light, because they are often located on interior walls. The solution to this is when undergoing a bathroom remodel; we recommend the addition of windows or skylights. If this is not an option, sunlight can be created with the endless lighting options out there.

For extra bathroom lighting tips check out this video from HGTV, here.

Helping You with Your Bathroom Remodeling Needs:

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