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Glass Tiles | For the Bathroom & Kitchen


Glass Tile:

Glass tile can influence the look of any space; glass is a very attractive option that adds a unique visual aesthetic. Glass tile comes in just about every color, so you can add that pop of color to a space through glass tiles. We came across an article in the HGTV Magazine that talked about the upside and downside of glass tiles, which we thought we’d share with our clients—you!

The Upside: “Glass tiles are a great way to add color to your kitchen or bath, and because they’re reflective, they beam light around a space, brightening it up. They’re also nonporous, so they won’t absorb moisture—meaning there’s no risk of mildew or staining.”

The Downside: “Glass can crack or chip easily, and it streaks. You’ll likely need a pro to install it, to get the thin-set mortar behind the translucent tiles perfectly smooth. Also, it may not be timeless, says Vern Yip. “Glass in a bold color can look dated later on.”

We couldn’t agree more with what this article stated. Color is an important factor in a kitchen and bath design; color adds more of a visual interest to a space—so don’t be scared to choose something with color. Glass tiles have become one of the most popular backsplash and wall choices amongst homeowners lately, and we don’t see it going out of style anytime soon.

Glass Tile In Southwest Florida:

If you’ve got a vision of your perfect bathroom or kitchen, your home remodeling contractor can help you turn that vision into reality. At Cornerstone, we understand the amount of planning that goes into any bathroom and kitchen remodel. From small updates to a complete remodel, we’re here to help. With over 16,000 Southwest Florida clients and 26 years in business, we know how to plan for any remodel and will do our very best to avoid any potential headaches along the way. Contact us today, here! Would you choose glass tile for your space?