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Smooth-Surface Electric Cooktops


Are you shopping around for a new kitchen range? The decisions never seem to end: Gas or electric? Traditional burners or a smooth surface? Your decision will ultimately affect the way you clean and cook with your kitchen range. We came across an article in the HGTV Magazine that we thought we would share with our clients—you! The article stated some valuable pros and cons when choosing a smooth-surface electric cooktop, which we found to be quite useful:

The Upside: “These electric models lie flush with countertops, so they make a kitchen look sleek. The glass-ceramic surface is easy to wipe down with a cooktop cleanser since there are no burners to remove.”

The Downside: “Smooth surface cooktops take longer to heat up and cool down than gas versions, which may be an issue for families with small kids. Some cooks also find the temperature harder to control.”

We couldn’t agree more with what HGTV had to say about smooth-surface electric cooktops. We still find that the smooth-surface electric cooktops continue to be a very popular cooking appliance in many kitchens. We find that many clients find durability to be an important factor to consider when choosing a cooktop. Smooth-surface electric cooktops are more durable than other cooktops; the burners don’t crack or chip easily. Maintenance is fairly low too, considering smooth top ranges are easier to clean because of the flat surface. Would you choose a smooth-surface cooktop for your kitchen?

Helping You Choose Appliances: Smooth-Surface Electric Cooktops

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