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Specialty Features For Bathrooms | Steam Showers


Steam showers may not be a need for everyone, but for some it’s considered an essential. Imagine having a rough, long day at the office and all you want is to come home and de-stress. Your legs are sore from standing all day, or from wearing heels, and anything to take the pain away will make your day. So you decide to take a shower, plop down on your shower bench and push a button. This button emits a lavender-scented steam (you can choose your own scent). Pretty soon you are no longer stressed; you are calm and relaxed, and you didn’t have to go to a spa. When you’re done steaming, you can shower for a refreshing rinse.

How It Works: Steam Shower

We came across an article from This Old House, that explains how exactly a steam shower works.

“A steam shower is triggered by digital controls in the shower stall. That triggers an electric valve to fill the steam generator with about a gallon of cold water. Then, the generator’s electric element brings the water to a boil. A pipe channels the hot vapor to the steam head, or disperser, which fills the stall with tropical moisture that never gets above a safe 118 degrees Fahrenheit.”

This is a luxurious option for those that wish for that spa oasis feel. Steaming has added benefits to your skin and sinuses, not just on your overall stress levels. We believe there’s more to a shower than just bathing; it’s about being in a soothing relaxing environment. If you need that fixture that’s going to go above and beyond not only in design but also in personal preference, opt for a steam shower. We’d highly recommend a professional when installing one of these steam units. Also, your bathroom has to be “steam proofed” before installing a unit. Would you install a steam shower?

Specialty Features For Bathrooms in Southwest Florida:

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