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Kitchen Cabinet Pulls: The Professionals Chime In

One of the best parts of a remodel is when you get to apply the finishing touches—kitchen cabinet pulls. Kitchen cabinet pulls tie the entire kitchen space together, and can really change the tone and overall style. It’s the decorative elements that homeowners love the most! We came across a recent article in the HGTV Magazine “What would Hilary and David do?” in which interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin chime in on readers questions:

Question #1: I want to replace our brass cabinet pulls in the kitchen with more modern ones. What’s a good choice for a finish?

Hilary Farr Responds:

“Brushed nickel or brushed chrome pulls are stylish and durable, and they look great whether or not your appliances are stainless steel. Choose pulls with a simple shape—nothing ornate—for a clean, modern look. Some of my favorite sources are,, and”

We also came across an article on Houzz, which specifies the 8 top hardware styles for shaker kitchen cabinets. We thought we’d share this article with our clients—you!

In one of our most recent blogs “Fashion Hardware” we talked about the initial difficulty of choosing hardware for a kitchen. Here we stated to consider purchasing knobs that not only look good in the space, but also feel good to the touch since you’ll be using them several times a day. The cabinets’ hardware will help determine how the cabinets will look and function; think of it as a small change that will make a big difference. What are your favorite kitchen cabinet pull finishes’?

Helping You Select Kitchen Cabinet Pulls:

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