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A beautiful bathroom tile design can transform any space; the problem is narrowing in on that perfect style. Marble is beautiful, classy, and stylish. “Did you know marble is a metamorphic rock that’s been used for thousands of years? Each piece of marble is different—the variety in veining and coloring is often considered its best trait.” Read more marble basics, here. Would you put marble tile in your bathroom?

According to HGTV, marble, like most stone tiles, has high maintenance requirements. Marble tile must be sealed and cleaned on a weekly basis, using a mild form of detergent. There is even a product available that is specifically used to clean the surface of marble. Marble has a very porous surface; therefore anything that gets spilled on marble must be wiped up immediately.

An important thing to take into consideration is that “marble contains minerals; there’s always the risk that its iron content will turn to rust in a bathroom. A beautiful installation can be ruined when the iron buried deep in the marble discolors from humidity and moisture.” We couldn’t agree more with this statement from Houzz. If you settle with marble, perform a soak test, by simply putting the tile you’re considering into water for a few days. Observe any discoloration carefully!

Advantages of Marble Bathroom Tile

  • Beautiful, elegant appearance
  • Variety of styles
  • Durability, long-life
  • Easy to work with
  • Multiple uses

Disadvantages of Marble Bathroom Tile

  • High maintenance
  • Can crack
  • Stain
  • Expensive

Marble Bathroom Tile In Southwest Florida:

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