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Slate Bathroom Tile:

Interested in slate tile for your bathroom? Slate tile is quickly becoming a preferred surface option for bathrooms. Slate tile can make a significant impact on your bath’s style and function.

Slate is very porous; you will have to seal it regularly and properly so you wont have problems in the future. Many homeowners have voiced their concerns about slate flaking and chipping, make sure to find a manufacturer who can get the thickness of the slate as uniform as possible. Being that slate is a natural stone, it will be somewhat uneven, but that’s part of the natural feature that some people look for.

One advantage of slate is that it’s very durable. Slate is a natural stone, which has stood around for many years. At the end of the day, personal preference is key.

Take these tips into careful consideration when choosing the right material for your bathroom design.

  1. Hygiene: Slate is one of the best materials you can use to ensure good hygiene. It has an easy wipe surface and a natural clean appearance. Tiles are not completely waterproof, so make sure to seal them properly.
  2. Durability: Slate is a natural stone that has been around for years. Being that a bathroom is a heavy trafficked area, you want something that will stand up for years to come.

Slate Bathroom Tile In Southwest Florida:

If you’ve got a vision of your perfect bathroom, your home remodeling contractor can help you turn that vision into reality. At Cornerstone, we understand the amount of planning that goes into any bathroom remodel. From small bathroom updates to a complete bathroom remodel, we’re here to help. With over 16,000 Southwest Florida clients and 26 years in business, we know how to plan for a bathroom remodel and will do our very best to avoid any potential headaches along the way. Contact us today, here! Would you choose slate for your bathroom remodel?