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Guest Bathroom | How to Add Comfort


A guest bathroom is supposed to be an inviting space, which will make your guests feel right at home. A guest bathroom is the one room that your guests will frequent often. Indulge your guests with thoughtful details and a stylish décor. If you’re getting ready to revamp your guest bathroom, make sure to consider the following tips from Southern Living before you embark on a remodel:

  • Provide ample light & mirrors: Good lighting and mirrors in a space makes a guest bathroom feel much larger and will also reflect light. Make sure to provide balanced and efficient lighting, to achieve the appropriate atmosphere you’re looking for.
  • Maximize countertop space: Guests appreciate counterspace, so consider it of high importance. Make your guests comfortable by installing a double sink or vanity.
    Monochromatic Color Scheme: Keep your color scheme cool and relaxing, the last thing your want is an overwhelming space. Even adding a pop of color will brighten up a bath.
  • Natural light: Try adding a stylish skylight or enlarge your current windows. Natural light makes a room look larger and brighter. The last thing you would want is to deter natural light from entering.
  • Choose smaller fixtures: If you lack space in your guest bathroom, consider replacing a few of your fixtures with smaller ones to gain more space.

Helping You with Your Guest Bathroom Remodeling Needs:

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