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Laminate Flooring in Kitchen| Hardwood Alternative


As I was browsing through the most recent July/August issue of the HGTV Magazine I came across “Kitchen Chronicles”, where DIY expert Alison Victoria answers homeowners decorating and remodeling questions. One question that was asked by the readers was, “What’s the best choice for kitchen flooring if I can’t afford hardwood”?

Laminate Flooring the Hardwood Alternative

We believe this question is great considering many people here in Southwest Florida rarely use hardwood because you can’t put it down on concrete due to the amount of moisture in the air. Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice here in Southwest Florida. Remember, engineered wood flooring cannot be sanded or refinished.

Alison Victoria brought up another great flooring option, which is laminate. “Laminate costs as little as $2 per square foot (compared with around $10 or more a square foot for hardwood), and these days it looks so ridiculously good, you can hardly tell it’s not real wood. It also holds its own against foot traffic and stains. In some cases, you can even put laminate right over existing floors, especially if they’re tile. Laminate comes in a ton of finishes, including styles that mimic reclaimed wood, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you like.”

We couldn’t agree more with Alison Victoria’s response; laminate is a great option for your kitchen flooring. Need ideas for your kitchen flooring? We will be happy to sit down and talk to you about the many options out there.

Laminate Flooring in Southwest Florida

When its time, and you’re considering a kitchen remodel, call Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida to provide you with endless opportunities that won’t disappoint. We want to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the final product in their remodel. We want to WOW you and your guests for years to come! If you’re ready for a major transformation, contact us here today! We look forward to hearing from you.