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Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom | Bathroom Toilets


When selecting a bathroom toilet, do you go off looks alone? According to a recent article from HGTV, there is more to think about other than looks. When it comes to choosing a bathroom toilet, size, height and how well it functions overall should play into your decision. With all the modern designed toilets out there, your options are endless.

Bathroom Toilet Fit:

It states in the article that a rough-in-distance, which measures the distance from the finished wall to the center of the sewer drain for the toilet will narrow the field when selecting a bathroom toilet. Did you know a standard rough-in is about 12 inches? If a bathroom exceeds 12 inches, bathroom toilet selections are limited.

Bathroom Toilet Style:

There are several toilet styles available: A two-piece toilet, which the tank bolts on top of the bowl, and a one-piece toilet, with an integral tank and bowl. There are also wall-mounted toilets that add drama to a bathroom, this fixture is considered on the higher end.

Bathroom Toilet Flushing Technology:

With all the new flushing technologies out there, it may be difficult to narrow in on a decision. For homeowners that are interested in conserving water, they have efficient flushing toilets that will reduce your water costs tremendously.

Bathroom Toilet & Remodel in Southwest Florida:

At Cornerstone Builders of SWFL, our main goal is to provide you with an end result that will WOW you and your guests for years to come. When it’s time for you to remodel your Fort Myers, Naples, or SWFL bathroom, we’re there to help you choose the perfect look for your new bathroom remodel. If you’re ready to transform your bathroom, contact us here today. We look forward to hearing from you!