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Everyone wants that spa oasis in his or her bathroom right? I mean who wouldn’t want to feel like they are showering in a direct stream of rain. A rain shower head will transform a boring bathroom into a luxurious spa oasis. There are so many rain shower head styles and finishes that you can match them to the whole design of your space, adding a touch of elegance or a sense of relaxation to any bathroom.

There are advantages with using rain shower heads compared to using ordinary shower heads. We read an article on Do It Yourself, which listed the advantages over regular shower heads:

“Rain shower heads dispense larger drops of water faster, so the user gets completely soaked in a uniform fashion. The pressure of the shower is controlled by gravity rather than conventional water pressure. Rain shower heads provide more than enough of a water stream to completely rinse away shampoo and soap.”

“Water pressure in the pipes pushes the water through regular shower heads, causing the user to be pelted with water. The stronger the water pressure, the more it could be causing damage to the user’s scalp and skin. The rain shower heads provide much gentler pressure that is effective at removing soap residue without damaging the skin or scalp.”

“Water falling through a rain shower head feels much more like natural rainfall than a stream of pressurized water. The experience of taking a shower is much more relaxed and soothing.”

We believe there’s more to a shower than just bathing; it’s about being in a soothing, relaxing environment. If you need that fixture that’s going to go above and beyond, not only in design but also in personal preference, opt for a rain shower head fixture. You’ll be well on your way at having that spa oasis.

Rain Shower Heads in Southwest Florida:

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