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Green Kitchen Cabinets | Inspired By Life


Years ago it seemed as if color in the kitchen was for the walls and accent pieces, not the cabinets. Today, we’re embracing color everywhere we turn, even on kitchen cabinets. A brave soul stepped away from the comfort zone and showed us the power in going bold with color. There is something energizing about a kitchen that is green, do you agree?

Growth & Better Times

If you want a workplace that stimulates creativity, opt for green kitchen cabinets. (Better Homes and Gardens) Bring the freshness of spring into your home; springtime can be described as rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth. Spring is seen as a time of growth and new life; the term is also used as a metaphor for the start of better times, a great vibe to have incorporated in a kitchen design. According to Houzz,

“bright crisp greens such as lime or leafy green give a kitchen a fun, energetic modern vibe. Or add some yellow to a light green, and you have a terrific neutral celery hue that can add a little zing to a traditional kitchen.”

They say when picking a green for your kitchen, go for a tone that reminds you of your favorite green food. You could also pick a green that reminds you of spring approaching, such as the stems, and leaves of all the beautiful flowers.

Green Kitchen Cabinets in Southwest Florida

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