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Kitchen Designs: Strive for Comfort


There’s nothing like staying at home for real comfort. A kitchen is where the heart is in a home, and where the majority of time is spent. A design that is focused on improving the comfort in a kitchen will provide a greater sense of well-being. Better Homes and Gardens published a magazine article called “Strive For Comfort,” in which they determined that comfort is huge these days! Families spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, so it’s nice if they can be multifunctional. Kitchen designs can be modified to capture the essence of real comfort. With these tips, turn your kitchen design from cold to comfortable and subsequently, create a place that people will truly want to linger.

Kitchen Design Tips: Adding Comfort

  1. Add a built-in banquette, this setup can add extra seating space, storage, and style to your space. People can relax while keeping the chef company.
  2. Add a customized sofa or bench seating to a kitchen island; barstools sometimes can be rather uncomfortable.
  3. Add a breakfast nook that tucks comfortably into an unused corner in the kitchen. Outside of meal times this space can be converted into a cozy reading nook.
  4. Add in wood elements to a kitchen design. Whether it’s with a large butcher-block kitchen island or a few wood shutters, using wood in a kitchen design provides instant warmth
  5. Add something green. There’s something about adding a touch of nature to a kitchen that will soften the hard edges.
  6. Soft lighting in a kitchen design encourages a sense of coziness. Installing light dimmers to a kitchen creates great ambiance. Make sure you have more than one dimmer, one for each of the different types of lighting.
  7. Add a soft color palette in a kitchen; warm up your kitchen with a bit of color and personality.

Southwest Florida Kitchen Remodeling: We’ll help your Kitchen Strive for Comfort!

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida in here to help! We’re experts at remodeling and can help you add comfort into your kitchen design. With us, you receive a free in-home consultation and you do not have to pay any deposit to get started! Contact us today!