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Kitchen Layouts: Popular Kitchen Layouts


Kitchen Layout Blueprints

Today’s kitchens have become the center of living for the whole house. When designing a kitchen, one of the very first considerations is the overall layout of the kitchen. The layout is a blueprint to how the kitchen will function. There are many different kitchen layouts; your lifestyle should determine the best option. The arrangement of countertops, major appliances, cabinets, sink, kitchen table and chairs, and the windows and doors determine the kitchen layout. According to HGTV Remodels, the traditional work triangle that separates the sink, range and refrigerator has progressed into a more practical “work zone” concept. This advancement has changed designers from looking at one work triangle to multiple zones in kitchen layouts. It is imperative to increase clearances’ and look at adding confortable spaces in the kitchen. These conventional layouts can still be applied to today’s lifestyles, just with modifications.

Kitchen Layouts

  • Galley or corridor style – Great space-savers, ideal for one cook because of the long narrow walkway. The galley makes efficient use of small spaces.
  • L-Shaped Layout – Perfect for entertaining and multiple cooks. Ideal for socializing while preparing meals.
  • G-Shaped Layout – This type of layout provides the most cabinet and counter-space.
  • U-Shaped Layout – Ideal for two cooks, the area is limited to a work only area (no room for a kitchen table or an island).
  • One-Wall kitchen Layout – Allows for efficient workflow, cheapest layout available that is typically found in studio apartments or loft spaces. One-wall kitchen layouts are the ultimate space-savers.
  • Open Concept layout – The open living space concept is very popular amongst homeowners. Typically you will see a large kitchen island and no room division.

Kitchen Remodelers of Southwest Florida

The lifestyle of each client is always different, here at Cornerstone we figure out what the kitchen is to the client and go from there! We try to work with the client to establish exactly how they use the kitchen and design accordingly. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation!