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Powder Room Remodel: Impress Guests and Indulge


Unleash the Creative Side with a Powder Room Remodel

Nothing makes guests feel beyond welcome than a stylish powder room. Bring out the creative side as you undergo a powder room remodel. A powder room is considered a half-bathroom, typically with just a toilet and sink. Don’t let a powder room be the afterthought when undergoing a bathroom remodel; everyone notices the powder room, considering it also tends to be one of the most-trafficked rooms. We think a big impact powder room remodel makes so much sense! Not only is it a room that almost everyone sees, but it’s a lot more cost effective to use high-end materials, making the most out of such little square footage.

The Benefits from a Powder Room Remodel

  1. Big statement: Your guests will be WOW’d by a bold over-powering statement in a small space.
  2. Cost-effective: Powder rooms have small square footage, revamping this space does not require a major investment.
  3. Big payoff: Small bathrooms offer big payoffs in remodeling. Meaning, more bang for your buck in terms of resale value.

Tips to Tackle the Small Space, Effectively

  1. Install a pedestal sink, corner sink or wall-mounted sink; depending on your preferred style, a vanity just takes up too much space.
  2. Having a mirror stretch across the wall instead of just the vanity creates the appearance of more space. Also, a large mirror will allow for more than one user. Place pendants on each side of the mirror, this will light up the whole space.
  3. Go bold with your wall-coverings; if there is a print you are dying to try, the powder room is the room to do it. The small space allows for those high-end materials such as wallpaper, tile and wainscoting.
  4. Keep clutter at bay, there isn’t much space, so keep the counter top clutter free with space-saving organizers.
  5. The right kind of flooring can help make a room look bigger by not only creating the appearance of more space, but by giving off a timeless look.

Do you have a powder room that’s ill prepared for its users? Your job is to keep your guests happy, while our job is to keep our clients happy! If your powder room is ready for that magical transformation contact us today for a free consultation! With Cornerstone, you pay NO deposit to start your remodeling project and receive a lifetime material warranty on all products we manufacture for as long as you own your home. Contact us today!