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Country Kitchen Design: Country Defined


YEE-HAW! A country kitchen design is a warm, welcoming style that brings the casual look to your home. The elements that you’d expect from a country kitchen are: A farm-house sink, painted cabinets, open shelving, feminine wallpaper, and an open plate rack. It is imperative that a county kitchen has an oversized country-style island. Pull up a stool and stay for awhile! Better Homes and Gardens characterized the country kitchen design in 20 descriptive illustrations’. We broke it down to three questions with answers that provide a clear understanding of a country kitchen design.

What is a County Kitchen Design?

The country kitchen design is recognized by cozy, subtle pieces, and captivating detail. The space is warm and welcoming, just like the memories of Grandma’s kitchen. For extra style points, go for mismatched elements!

What kinds of Accessories Follow a County Kitchen Design?

The accessories found in a country kitchen design are vintage pieces scoured from treasure hunts. You can expect accessories such as rooster décor, garden décor, and prized pieces of china. Add some fresh flowers to the space to conclude the look.

What Colors are used in a County Kitchen Design?

Opting for an unexpected color scheme will inject character into your kitchen and ensure that county look.

Country Kitchen Design in Southwest Florida

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