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Durable Kitchen Surfaces: Engineered Quartz Countertops


Many new homeowners when undergoing a kitchen remodel select a countertop based on looks alone. A material’s durability and necessary maintenance are also important factors to consider. If you are wondering what the most durable countertop surfaces are, DIY Network host Alison Victoria answered this question in the most recent HGTV Magazine. According to her, “granite and marble look beautiful, but they can be impractical for some homes. People don’t realize granite should be sealed a couple of times a year and stains easily. For a high-end look without the maintenance, she recommends engineered quartz countertops.” The surface of quartz is nonporous, not permeable to water, air, or other fluids. Quartz countertops easily hold up to hot pots and liquid splatters. Cost-wise, quartz typically costs the same as midrange granite. We agree with Alison Victoria and believe quartz is a great choice for durability, while it still maintains that high-end look. We have researched further to provide you with a variation of Pros and Cons regarding quartz countertops.

Engineered Quartz Countertops Facts:

  1. Top rated countertop material on the market
  2. High durability
  3. Impact resistance
  4. Heat, scratch, and stain resistant
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Consistent, uniform appearance
  7. Still has the high-end look that granite maintains
  8. Available in unlimited color options
  9. Most manufactures offer a warranty, simply because these countertops are close to indestructible

Quartz is a manmade material, which means it is widely available. Engineered quartz countertops can easily be manufactured for unique sizing and unique shapes to accommodate those interesting kitchen designs. HGTV was reporting U.S. sales increased in 2004 by 60 percent from the previous year. The quartz boom continues to gain in popularity today!

Quartz Countertops in Southwest Florida

Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida will assess the way you live, and based on the findings will help you choose a countertop surface that is the perfect fit! Here at Cornerstone, you’ll get a free in-home consultation as well as no deposit to begin your kitchen remodel. Have any questions? Contact us today!