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Kitchen Tile Grout Maintenance | Tips From A Toolman


Kitchen Tile Grout Maintenance:

Is the grout in your kitchen cracked or wearing away? Fixing grout is an inexpensive home repair—the results can be transformational. If grout is not kept clean, it’s vulnerable to problems. Problems include:

  1. Mildew
  2. Mold
  3. Food Stains
  4. Dirt & Grime

We stumbled across an article in the HGTV Magazine, where Chip Wade weighs in on common questions. One in which related to kitchen tile grout maintenance. The question stated: “The grout between my kitchen tiles is wearing away. What should I do?”

Chip Wade’s response:

“First scrape away at least 1/8 inch of the old grout with a grout tool—you can get a handheld one for about $5 or a bit that attaches to the end of an oscillating power tool (like a Dremel Multi-Max) starting at about $15 at the hardware store. Clean the area with a disinfectant to kill any mold or mildew, then start regrouting: If your tiles are spaced 1/8 inch apart or less, use non-sanded grout; otherwise, use sanded grout. Spread some on a rubber grouting trowel, then hold the trowel at a 45-degree angle and spread it all over the wall, forcing it into the gaps between the tiles. Scrape away any excess, and then let the grout set for 10 minutes and wipe the tile with a damp rag. After the grout dries, spray it with a sealant, like DuPont Grout Sealer.”

After this informative answer, you should be ready for kitchen grout repairs. Your kitchen will be sparkling after you follow the steps above.

Offering You Kitchen Maintenance Tips: Cornerstone Builders

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