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Specialty Features For Bathrooms | Bidet


A bidet is more common in Europe, but considered a luxury here in the United States. I can remember back to when I first came across a bidet; to be honest I thought it was a place to wash your feet! There’s a lot of fear surrounding a bidet, considering it’s still a mystery. The United States hasn’t really caught on to the bidet trend; maybe “going paper free” will start to change the overall attitude. Using water to cleanse benefits both the individual and the environment. Do you think it will ever find a place in the majority of American Bathrooms?

So What Is a Bidet?

According to HGTV, a bidet is actually a small sink that users straddle to clean themselves after using the toilet. They derive their name from the French word for “pony.” This option allows for the user to use less toilet paper.

In the end size, height and function all play a role in selecting a toilet or bidet for your new bathroom. Check out the luxury features that bidets are equipped with, here.

Bathroom Remodeling in Southwest Florida

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