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Old World Kitchen Designs: Old World Defined


Old world kitchen designs are anything classic that evokes the charm of villages. ( The masculine architectural design is apparent in this space. Exposed brick, arched doorways and windows are the design elements typically found here.

What are Old World Kitchen Designs?

Old world kitchen designs showcase distressed finishes and architectural elements. This design creates the feeling of a warm timeless essence. According to HGTV, the design style resembles Greek, Roman and Old English elements on a grand scale. Old world designs naturally contrasts the light with the dark. You can expect to find dark woods, wrought iron, chandeliers, wood beams, and a brick fireplace!

What Kinds of Accessories Follow an Old World Kitchen Designs?

The accessories showcased in old world kitchen designs can be described as collective antiques; such as fine china, vintage glassware, and brass candle holders. Copper, iron, and ceramic pieces can be found throughout.

What Colors are used in an Old World Kitchen Designs?

Vibrant colors can be found in this space, while earth tones prevail in old world kitchen designs. Neutral tones on the walls with pops of color in the dishware and accessories keep the look new.

Old World Kitchen Designs in Southwest Florida

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