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Rustic Kitchen Design: Rustic Defined


Envision a New York loft with exposed brick, industrial-style lighting, wood beams, wide plank floors, and other natural elements. Lovers of this style want to bring nature inside. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements such as metal, copper, and wood. Better Homes and Gardens has created a definitive explanation of a rustic kitchen design.

What is a Rustic Kitchen Design?

Rustic kitchen designs are full of organic profiles and hardworking surfaces. Organic rough profiles reign because there are too many mass-produced pieces. Reclaimed wood is uniform in a rustic kitchen design. A rustic kitchen design takes the idea of repurposing to a whole new level. Take what was once a cable spool and turn it into a kitchen dining room table.

What Kinds of Accessories Follow a Rustic Kitchen Design?

Often the accessories found in rustic kitchens play off local history, geographical features and small-town culture. Not only do rustic kitchen accessories look good, they function well, and last forever. Think copper, wire, and well-worn wood create the effortless, laid back charm of a rustic kitchen.

What Colors are used in a Rustic Kitchen Design?

Rustic kitchen design relies on earth tones and neutral color combinations with minimal contrast between hues. Shy away from high-gloss finish.

Rustic Kitchen Design in Southwest Florida

If you’ve got a vision of your perfect kitchen, your home remodeling contractor can help you turn that vision into reality. At Cornerstone, we understand the amount of planning that goes into any kitchen remodel. From small kitchen updates to a complete kitchen remodel, we’re here to help. With over 16,000 Southwest Florida clients and 26 years in business, we know how to plan for a kitchen remodel and will do our very best to avoid any potential headaches along the way. Interested in a rustic kitchen design? Contact us today!