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Choosing the Right Kitchen Hood


If you’re embarking on a kitchen-remodeling project, one thing you may not think about is the selection of a new kitchen hood.

Many homes are equipped with exhaust appliances, a kitchen range hood being the most powerful. The primary purpose of a kitchen range hood is to disperse moisture, heat, odors, and fumes away from the cooking area. A range hood also traps grease, preventing it from being deposited in and around your kitchen.

How Kitchen Hoods Work

An exhaust fan removes air from your house as equal amounts of air enter. Air that is exhausted must be replaced by “makeup air.” This makeup air enters your home through random air leaks around windows and doors. Your kitchen hood pulls in the contaminated air and disperses it outdoors.

When choosing a kitchen hood, it’s important to keep the CFM in mind (cubic feet per minute). This unit measures the volume of air being exhausted through your range hood. The minimum CFM requirement for your kitchen depends on the size of your range top, the placement of your kitchen hood, and the configuration of your ductwork. The higher the CFM, the louder your kitchen hood will be.

Types of Kitchen Range Hoods

  • Under-cabinet range hood: These typically are installed on the bottom of a wall cabinet, above your stove.
  • Chimney hoods: Chimney hoods can be wall mounted or freestanding above a kitchen island.
  • Island range hoods: if you have a cooktop on your kitchen island, these range hoods are the best for proper ventilation. Island range hoods are installed from the ceiling above your island.
  • Downdraft hoods: downdraft hoods are used for cooktops. These space saving hoods are hidden when not in use.
  • Inserts: this type of hood is hidden as well and can be customized.

Choosing the right kitchen hood during your remodel is very important. This hood will help keep your kitchen ventilated and ensure that you’re breathing in the cleanest air possible after cooking.

Need Help Choosing the Right Kitchen Hood?

Given that choosing the right kitchen hood is such an important decision, we like to help in any way we can. At Cornerstone, we have the know-how and the expertise to help you choose the right kitchen hood. During your remodel, we’ll guide you along each step of the way. From cabinet and countertop installation to the choosing of a kitchen hood, we want our clients to be 100% satisfied and WOWed by our work.

Would you like to learn more about kitchen hood installation or kitchen remodeling in Southwest Florida? Contact us today!