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Orange Kitchen Cabinets | Go Bold or Go Home


Years ago it seemed as if color in the kitchen was for the walls and accent pieces, not the kitchen cabinets. Today, we’re embracing color everywhere we turn, even on kitchen cabinets. A brave soul stepped away from the comfort zone and showed us the power in going bold with a touch of color. According to HGTV, “Vibrant Kitchens are happy kitchens- and a new hue is just about the easiest way to zest up your space.” There is something bold about a kitchen that is orange, do you agree?

Go Bold or Go Home

According to Houzz, “orange is an attention-grabbing hue that stimulates the appetite and flatters skin tones. It’s an excellent kitchen color choice for those living in cooler climates, because of its warmth. But working with orange can be challenging, too-light shades tend to read as pastel and peachy.” If you want to use orange in your kitchen I would recommend colors similar to oranges, tangerines, pumpkins, and carrots.

Orange increases productivity, and encourages creativity something every homeowner needs when involved with the day-to-day kitchen activities. Picture a modern industrial kitchen with Monarch Wing (Valspar) kitchen cabinets, white quartz countertops, and industrial style kitchen appliances, with pops of retro flair.

Orange Kitchen Cabinets in Southwest Florida

If you’ve got a vision of your perfect kitchen, your home remodeling contractor can help you turn that vision into reality. At Cornerstone, we understand the amount of planning that goes into any kitchen remodel. From small kitchen updates to a complete kitchen remodel, we’re here to help. With over 16,000 Southwest Florida clients and 26 years in business, we know how to plan a kitchen remodel and will do our very best to avoid any potential headaches along the way. Contact us today, for more information!