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Open Kitchen Shelving | Functional or Not-Functional


Is Open Kitchen Shelving For You?

Open shelving can act as extra storage space in a kitchen. Find unused wall space to hang shelves; they are a fantastic solution for dishes, small appliances, baking goods, and other kitchen necessities. As long as you are organized with the contents, feel free to put your pieces on display. Not everyone agrees with the open shelving trend, and all opinions count. Browsing though a recent issue of an HGTV Magazine we found two differing opinions from the professionals, Jonathan and Drew Scott, which we found pretty informative.

Jonathan Scott, a licensed contractor, stated that open kitchen shelving is a do:

“If you want your kitchen to feel closed in, sure, go with cabinets on all your walls. But if you have a small kitchen and want it to look airy and bigger than it really is, try at least one section of open shelves. They’re the perfect way to show off nice plates and serving pieces.”

According to Drew Scott, licensed real estate agent, open kitchen shelving is a don’t:

“For the average family, open shelves aren’t all that functional. Unless you’re very careful about what you display, the shelves will end up packed with random dishes and looking messy. For an airy look without the clutter, get cabinet doors with frosted glass panels.”

What is your opinion of open kitchen shelving, is it a do or don’t in your kitchen?

Open Kitchen Shelving in Southwest Florida

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