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Are Laminate Countertops For You?

Some homebuyers turn up their noses to the thought of laminate countertops in their kitchen. We believe laminate countertops have their advantages and disadvantages. We found an article in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine where they asked professionals, Jonathan and Drew Scott their opinion on laminate countertops.

Jonathan Scott, a licensed contractor stated that laminate is a don’t:

“I can’t think of a single kitchen design where laminate would look better than stone, butcher block, or a solid surface like corian. Yes, laminate is cheaper, but in many cases, you can actually take value away from a house by installing it.”

According to Drew Scott, licensed real estate agent, laminate is a don’t:

“It frustrates me to no end when people spend their budget on a product, like laminate, that automatically seems dated-it’s like throwing money away! If you have no other choice, at least get a laminate that’s printed to look like stone. But make it a last resort.”

We agree with the brothers, but we also understand when homeowners are on a tight budget. Laminate countertops are easy to maintain and are stain resistant. Laminate also comes in a variety of colors and designs! If you’re considering kitchen countertops for a remodeling project, make sure you check out all of your options. Would you choose laminate for your countertops?

Laminate Countertops in Southwest Florida

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