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Vessel Sinks Bring Color To Your Bath


When it comes to remodeling your bath, nothing brings a sense of style like a vessel sink. Gone are the days of boring white porcelain. Now artistry takes the stage as vessel sinks come in every color, shape and style putting a little magic into your bathroom remodeling project.

Vessel sinks bring both interest and elegance to your path. Based on the types of wash basins used before running water became widely available, these sinks can mount on a wall, a vanity, or can be set into a counter and come in every color, shape and material (malachite anyone?) imaginable. They are literally art on a pedestal.

Before you begin the remodeling, take a trip to a bath showroom and see the rainbow of sinks available. Bright colored sinks work with any style so go bold or choose a pastel shade and pump up the volume with contrasting high-colored tiles for your backsplash.

If color isn’t your thing, choose a white vessel sink, which can prove to be the perfect centerpiece of your bathroom remodel. Vessel sinks come in shapes, so think oval for a more classic feel or rectangular or even diamond shape to add a little interest. Let the wall color and tile color shoulder the burden for carrying the color.

For a very lux look, choose one of the sinks which sport a silver, bronze or gold finish. Such metallic hues make your bathroom remodeling project look like a royal retreat and these “precious metal” vessel sinks work wonderfully well with polished tiles as a backsplash.

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