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Working The Working Triangle into Your Kitchen Remodel


The_Working_Triangle_PhotoDraft.docxSometimes it’s hard to know where to start with your kitchen remodel design. Stick to the fundamentals. outlined what the National Kitchen and Bath Association deemed “The Work Triangle” which is a golden “suggestion” to help you with the core structure of your design plan.

The goal is to make your kitchen remodel design work for you by planning your spacing well in terms of functionality. The Work Triangle runs from the center of your future sink, to the center of your cooktop, to the center of your fridge, and back to your sink.

Work Triangle Criteria

  • Sum of the three sides does not exceed 26 feet. Each leg will measure four to nine feet.
  • Triangle should not intersect any island by more than one foot.
  • If your kitchen remodel design only includes one sink, it will be between or across from your cooktop, prep area, or refrigerator.
  • The busiest walking paths should not cut through the triangle.

Your kitchen remodel design should be based on efficiency and minimizing traffic so that everything you need when preparing a meal is within your reach and nothing is interfering with your workflow. See other examples of how your kitchen remodel design might look while meeting the criteria of The Work Triangle HERE.

One issue that The Work Triangle may present for your kitchen remodel design is that it’s based on only having one sink, cooktop, refrigerator, and cook in the kitchen. If you’re planning a larger kitchen with more than three workspaces, the triangle may be impractical. If you often cook with your significant other or your kids, the benefits of the triangle may not apply. That’s why you should treat The Work Triangle as a tool and not a rule.

Keep an open mind as the goal of your kitchen remodel design is not to form imaginary shapes, but rather to have optimum functionality and style. Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida can help you decide if The Work Triangle is for you. Contact us here today to get started with your kitchen remodel!