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Minimalist Kitchen Remodel; Get Rid of Unnecessary Appliances


Your minimalist kitchen remodel should only be based on the essentials of your kitchen-the items that you use regularly. We found a great article on Build Direct about 8 things that you don’t NEED in your kitchen. When planning your kitchen remodel-it’s important to realize that items that you use once a month or less are taking up precious counter space-especially if you have a small kitchen to begin with. Plan your kitchen remodel to not incorporate these items as static fixtures.


If you really need your toast but want to ditch your clunky, crumby toaster covering up any part of your minimalist kitchen remodel-use your broiler and put the bread on a baking sheet on the top rack of the oven. You can even use a skillet on medium-high heat. Now you can image that toaster space in your kitchen remodel as a workspace instead. If you really can’t give it up-just stow your toaster away when not in use.


Okay-this one seems pretty crazy but try to reevaluate how much you really use this. It’s one thing if you are a frozen dinner connoisseur, but if most of your meals are made in or on an oven, your microwave could be placed elsewhere (maybe under the TV?) giving you more counter space or cabinet space in your kitchen remodel.

Sandwich Maker

If you can get rid of your toaster, you can get rid of your sandwich maker. Anything that only has one function should go. Do you have a bar area or outdoor dining space? There is more than likely a better place for your sandwich maker and it just doesn’t make sense in a minimalist kitchen remodel.

Extra Dishes

Are you harboring dishware that you don’t use and never will? Stop feeling guilty about throwing it away-donate it. If you end up hosting an event and need more plates-borrow them. Just don’t base your kitchen remodel over storing anything that isn’t used regularly.

Deep Fryer

There are many health-related reasons why you shouldn’t have this in the first place, but besides that-a pot full of oil and a thermometer does the exact same thing and doesn’t take up extra counter space.

Rice Cooker

Just like the fryer, you can do the same thing with a saucepan and lid. One-part rice, two parts water — boil.

Popcorn Maker

Home-made popcorn popped in oil in a pot on the stove is UNBELIEVABLE. Make sure to melt butter in a smaller pot to throw on top. Or move the popcorn maker to the TV room-it will look cute and make sense…how many things can do that?

Extra Knives

How many different kinds of knives do you use? If you have a massive butcher block full of things you don’t use-stow it in a cabinet or get rid of it altogether.

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