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Most Important Parts of a Bathroom Remodel


They’re not our favorite part of the bathroom… but they sure are one of the most important parts of a bathroom remodel; most agree that toilets are an indispensable fixture in any bathroom.

Whether a full or half bath, you will need a toilet that works, and works well with other elements of your bathroom. Toilets might seem like they only have one standard issue…but there are actually a few different options and criteria to consider. Your toilet and bathroom remodel should allow the space to be as functional as possible while being pleasing to the eye.


It’s a good idea to measure the distance from the wall to the floor drain when deciding what size toilet to use in your bathroom remodel. According to Houzz, you should allow for 18 inches of clear space between walls/fixtures and your toilet. If you have a tight squeeze, consider a wall-hung model to maximize the open space in your bathroom remodel. The drain and water tank will be inside the wall and there will be no base taking up floor space. The drawback here is that wall-hung toilets are usually more expensive.

Other alternatives to save space:

  • Round bowl instead of oval; ovals are more comfortable but take up more space
  • Put the toilet in the corner
  • Choose a tank-less toilet

Two-piece or One?

A one-piece toilet in your bathroom remodel will eliminate the possibility of leaks where the tank and bowl connect. It’s a slicker look but will likely add to your bathroom remodel cost. Two-piece units are cheaper but the seat is usually not included.

How tall?

The most important thing to consider here is who will be using it. Do you have small children or elderly people in the house? Taller toilets are easier for the elderly and those with physical limitations to use while shorter toilets are easier for children. The standard toilet height is 14 to 15 inches with 16 to 17 inch toilets being considered “comfort” height.

Dual Flush?

This allows you to flush with two different levels of water and may be a good option for the environmentally conscious as it is designed to save water and lower your water bill. They will be pricier than low-flow toilets and it’s a good idea to base your decision on how much you would be saving in the future, as it is with any part of your bathroom remodel.

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