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A Kitchen Story Fit for a Remodel


Good afternoon, my free-wheeling friends. It is I, Armoire, and I have a story to tell. It is a story of heartache and torture; one that has me shivering all the way down to my casters. The story pertains to a certain evening at my humble abode; an evening birthed with hope, but fraught with destruction. It is the story of my master’s kitchen and the eve of his daughter’s wedding.

This mid-autumn night’s tale begins as innocently as any other – the bride, a gorgeous young lady of twenty-three is filled with hope and excitement over her coming nuptials. The decorations were almost all hung and the whole house smelled of elderberries. It was to be the perfect evening.

The ceremony was to be over in an hour and my master was holding the reception in the house. I was the only one who had to stay back, as my master wanted me to be ready for any early arriving guests. My main job was to welcome the visitors and, with a gentle greeting, take their coats. What I could not take was being blamed for what would happen while the rest of the house lay quiet.

Crashing Cabinets are Bad for Parties

As the wedding was in initial stages of being planned, a question was raised as to the state of the kitchen cabinetry. The home’s matriarch insisted that it was time for a new set, though the bride’s father refused (he was looking through the wedding budget during the fateful conversation). Being that all he could see was Benjamin Franklin flying out the window, the poor sap chose instead to repaint.

Kitchen CabinetsMy master chose against remodeling his kitchen, or replacing the kitchen cabinets. Though they were refinished, the individual college drop-out they hired to save money did not notice the tell-tale signs of termite infestation. When the first guests arrived to prepare for the newly announced bride and groom, they were treated to the shock of a lifetime – the cabinets had literally separated from the walls and crashed onto the counters and floor completely destroying the entire refreshment setup!

Cabinetry Advice from Armoire

I still wish I could do more. My voice was unable to cause a stir among the family despite the fact that I have had firsthand experience fighting off termite armies. Allow me to share what my sad family could never hear: when you consider a home remodel, whether kitchen or bath, please be thorough and work with a professional that can protect those hard-working servants. They never take a day off while continually holding your precious china and dinnerware. Make sure they are healthy, and when not, treat them right.

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