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Kitchen Remodeling: Choose The Right Cabinetry (Part 2)


Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or both? In our last blog, we gave you some tips to help you choose the right cabinetry. Here are a few more:

Pick Your Door Style: If you are planning a traditional kitchen or bath, you will wish to explore Standard Overlay cabinetry, which shows more of the cabinet face frame (meaning smaller openings for doors and drawers.) Full Overlay (where the cabinet door covers most of the frame) will appeal to you if you are attracted to a more modern style. Drawers and doors are spaced ¼ inch away from each other―giving you more storage space and a sleeker look. Cabinet doors may be ordered as flat panel (smooth, no design), raised panel, (which can have raised, recessed or even carved details) or glass-front (offering a large selection of glass with wood, leaded glass and even stained glass options.)

Create a Reasonable Budget: Avoid sticker shock (and disappointment) by understanding one fact: Industry statistics show that on average, cabinets make up approximately 50% of the kitchen budget, which is also the largest percentage of overall expenditures for the kitchen. Similarly, cabinetry can be a significant expense in a bathroom remodel. So plan accordingly and let your remodeling company steer you towards choices that work within your budget.

Ask About Warranties: All cabinet manufacturers offer warranties and, with the cost of cabinetry, finding out what is covered and for how long is vital. Discuss this with your remodeling company.

Keep An Eye On The Calendar: Remember when planning your remodeled kitchen or bath, fine cabinetry can takes time to arrive from the manufacturer. Remodeling a beautiful kitchen or bath should not be a rush job.

Going Green? Your cabinet choices can be green too, with options like bamboo, reclaimed wood or wheat board.

Hardwood vs. Softwood: A Hardwood comes from a tree without needles, such as Maple, Cherry, Oak, Ash, Walnut, or Mahogany (called broad leaf trees.) Hardwoods offer greater strength and stability than Softwoods that come from needle-bearing trees, like Pine, Spruce, Redwood, or Cedar. These are better for details and intricate carving, which also makes then susceptible to knicks and marks―which can be assets if one is trying for a weathered or rustic look.

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