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Look Brand New: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions


Cleaning is a necessity you can’t typically avoid. Though you’ve got to do some scrubbing from time to time, store bought cleaners with harsh chemicals can be toxic. Home-made cleaners can help you remove tough stains without the added health risks that may affect your family and the environment. Try one of these DIY, eco-friendly solutions that can be made with ingredients you may already have.


  • Vinegar and water. Mix 1-part distilled white vinegar with 1-part water in a spray bottle and shake gently. Spray on spots, let soak for a few minutes, then dry with a squeegee.

Use it for: Window cleaning. This solution removes build-up while killing germs and bacteria to leave a streak free shine.   

  • Vinegar and baking soda paste. Form a paste by combining ½ cup white vinegar, ½ cup baking soda, and ¼ cup water. Scrub the paste into the carpet and then vacuum when dry.

Use it for: Loosening dirt and stains from carpet. The baking soda helps to eliminate odor.

  • Castile. Mix one teaspoon of liquid Castile soap with one cup of warm water. Scrub stains, and then blot to dry with a dry cloth or wash in a washing machine.

Use it for: Laundry. Castile soap helps remove dirt and can double as detergent in a washing machine.

  • Castile and borax. In a container, mix one cup of liquid Castile soap with one cup of borax and mix. Apply to stains, scrub, and vacuum remnants when dry.

Use it for: Greasy or fungus related messes. The Castile soap is an all-purpose cleaner, grease-cutter and disinfectant while the borax eliminates odor, removes dirt and acts as an anti-fungal.

  • Vinegar, salt and borax. Mix ¼ cup each of vinegar, salt, and borax to form a carpet cleaning paste. Rub the paste into the carpet, using a brush if necessary. Allow to dry completely and then vacuum thoroughly.

Use it for: Multi-purpose carpet cleaning, whether it be your kitchen mat, living room carpet or even a throw rug.


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