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The Ins & Outs of Kitchen Cabinetry


You don’t need to give up the memories you’ve made in your home to have modern amenities. After years of enjoying their humble abode, many consider investing in a new appearance for both functionality and beauty.

You don’t need to compromise the memories you’ve made at home in search of a new style. We specialize in replacing dated and worn cabinets with all new, custom built cabinetry. This simple upgrade can transform your kitchen or bathroom, and it all starts in our workshop.


When you think Cornerstone Builders, you should think “custom built”. Whether it’s a dynamic show piece or an added functional feature, our workers craft custom cabinetry using both solid wood and thermofoil doors. Each door is then fabricated and installed by one of our teams.

The process starts with raw sheets of material needed for the job, which come in varying sizes to create drawers and doors alike. Our programmers input project-specific measurements into our computer system. The materials are then taken to our Computer Numerical Control machine (CNC) for precise cutting. Our CNC operators then load the material, cut it into pieces, and check it for any blemishes. Our team makes sure every piece matches our standard. The beauty of CNC machines is that it’s basically an automated process. This removes as much chance for human error as possible.

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From this point, the cabinet parts are separated and sent through an edge bander which laminates the front of each piece in the desired color. Each job is then transported to one of our craftsmen who skillfully constructs each cabinet by hand. There are no shortcuts in quality construction. Many cabinet companies will use a cheap, thin material for the back wall of the cabinet. Cornerstone doesn’t cut corners (no pun intended.) The same thickness material is used to build the entire cabinet. Opposed to just staples, Cornerstone cabinets are constructed using both brad staples and screws, thereby creating a much sturdier product.

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Once the assembly process is completed, the exterior of the custom cabinets are stained or painted at our custom finishing shop. If it’s a laminate job, the cabinet doors will be foil pressed to match the rest of the frame. Our foil press heats up the foil, vacuums it down into the crevices of the door and fully wraps it. If there is any glazing being done, it is applied by hand to match the profile of the door after the foil has cooled. Wood and painted doors go to our stain/paint shop where our finishers match the colors of the cabinets to the doors. We can finish doors in one of our many stock colors or in a custom color match.

…and voilà! From our workshop to your home, your new custom cabinets will give your kitchen and bathroom a revamped look. To learn more about the custom cabinetry process or to begin your own, contact us for a free consultation. We are more than happy to help!