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Tips for Living in Your Home During a Remodel


Completing a larger-sized remodeling project requires a good deal of planning, collaboration, and coordination between both the homeowner and the remodeling contractor.

In addition to all these things, it’s important to prepare to “camp out” in your home should you decide to stay there during the remodeling process. Properly planning for this can help you easily avoid stress and headaches during the duration of the project. We want our clients to enjoy the process from the initial in-home consultation to the project completion. Here, we’ll provide a list of helpful tips for living in your home during a remodel.

Tip #1: Create a Temporary Kitchen

If you’re undergoing a kitchen remodel, it’s important that you set up a “temporary kitchen” in a different area of your home. This area should be near a sink and should have your most-used appliances nearby for easy access; some items to include could be your microwave, your coffeemaker, or anything else used on a daily basis.

Tip #2: Prepare Your Home for a Mess

Home remodeling is no clean task – you’re likely to see a good deal of dust and debris from the work being done. While there’s nothing you can do to prevent this from happening in the room that’s being remodeled, you can take some steps to prevent the mess from spreading to other areas of your home. A couple ideas are to cover doorways with plastic sheets and cover vents to prevent dust from spreading in your home.

Tip #3: Prepare for Meals in Advance

If you’re going through a large kitchen remodel, you will not be able to cook as you normally would in your kitchen. Dining out may seem like a great option, however, there are significant costs attached to this. You’ll likely know your remodeling schedule ahead of time and prepping for meals beforehand could save large amounts of money (and stress!) in the long run.

Making Home Remodeling Easier

At Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida, we want each and every client of ours to be 100% satisfied and WOWed by our work. We work with you each step of the way to ensure that your home remodeling project goes smoothly and provides you with the best-quality remodel possible. From the initial in-home consultation to the project completion, we’re there for our clients.

We’ve been doing home remodeling in Fort Myers, Naples, and all of Southwest Florida for 25 years and have served over 16,000 local residents. From complete home renovation to cabinet refacing, we’re ready to complete any sized remodeling project with our expert staff and process.

If you have any questions about how to prepare for your home remodel or would like to schedule your free in-home consultation, feel free to contact us today!