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Your Energy-Efficient Kitchen Remodel



According to the US Department of Energy, the majority of your home’s energy usage occurs in your kitchen and bathroom. Making your kitchen remodel energy-efficient is often a matter of educating yourself, choosing the right professionals to work with, and choosing the right products. recommends maximizing energy-efficiency in your kitchen remodel by considering the following:

  1. Doors, Windows, and Skylights – Make sure the weather stripping is in good condition. If you’re getting new windows altogether, choose double paned, argon gas filled, or low-e glazing.
  2. Insulation and sealing – The areas around your windows, doors, and ducts can leak copious amounts of air. If that air was conditioned or heated, it could mean a lot of lost energy and dollars. Add proper insulation to your walls as well – do not skimp here.
  3. Heating and cooling equipment – Determine the best option for your lifestyle. Do some research on central and individual air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ceiling and ventilation fans, boilers, and furnaces.
  4. Appliances – Choose a high-efficiency dishwasher and refrigerator. Look for the blue Energy Star logo when shopping, and the black and yellow Energy Guide label.
  5. Light bulbs and lighting fixtures – Use dimmer switches and occupancy sensors, and fluorescent rather than incandescent bulbs to avoid light energy waste.

Energy-efficiency is not always going to cut the cost of your kitchen remodel up front, but the right decisions will ensure long-term savings on your utility bills. The cost of products and installation can also be offset by tax rebates. It is a small price to pay when considering the environmental impact that just one inefficient household can have on the environment. Your kitchen remodel might be the start of a personal green movement.

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