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How to Incorporate Greenery into your Home


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Springtime is here, and we could not be more excited! In Florida, this time of year is often characterized by sunny days at the beach, cool breezes on leisurely walks in the park, cerulean seas ideal for fishing, and fantastic weather for a round of golf at your favorite range. The charm of the season is all around us, but who says you have to leave your home to experience the tropical radiance of Southwest Florida?

Lush and bright, greenery embellishes the local landscape effortlessly. It can do the same within your home. Plants – from blossoming flowers to potted succulents – are naturally beautiful and can easily be incorporated into most home styles and themes. Houseplants are notably eye-catching, add character, and livens up your space. You don’t have to go big either; a small air plant, cactus, or dried arrangement can add life and a splash of color to any room with ease.

Most recognized for adding to or completing the aesthetic appeal of your home, plants have several other benefits. They help create a relaxing and soothing ambiance for you and your guests; fill abnormal spaces too narrow, tall, or wide for furniture pieces; and absorb indoor air pollution and release oxygen, providing air purification. Snake plants, for example, are low maintenance and they purify the air and removes nitrogen oxide produced by fuel-burning appliances. Its deep green colors can brighten up any kitchen or living room!

While popular, your leaves and petals are not limited to a traditional pot. Get creative with your spaces when incorporating greenery and flowers into your home.

Rack Them Up: If your home isn’t as big as your love for plants, one smart way to decorate your home is by turning your empty wall into a shelf vignette. Placing plants on different shelves will give the home a warm feel and will also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Personalize it with your favorite candles, books, and photographs.

Create a Window Display: Remember, plants need sunlight! If you know your plants prefer to sunbathe, line them up next to each other on your window ledge or on a built-in shelf. Be sure to include a variety of colors/hues and heights – they will brighten up your space while welcoming intrigue.

Hang them: An ever-popular trend for flora décor is to hang them. By suspending your plants, they become more of a focal point and you reserve more floor space for other pieces. Be careful not to overcrowd your space.

Bookends: Bookends become more fun and decorative each year. If you do not have room for plants on your shelves, consider replacing your typical bookend with some small potted plants to give your library added character.

No matter the season, the bounteous greenery surrounding and inside of our homes adds splendor. Whether your vision includes an assortment of flora or a single, attractive centerpiece, our team of designers can assist you in planning for them during your remodel. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your remodel and schedule your free in-home consultation.