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Kitchen Decisions | Flooring: Wood or Tile


When picking the perfect kitchen flooring, it’s important to think about practicality while also putting in your own personal taste. After all, kitchen flooring is a surface that is constantly being used. Ask yourself the following questions before purchasing your kitchen flooring.

  1. How much traffic will the flooring receive?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. A huge factor in Southwest Florida: Will the floor be exposed to moisture?
  4. How long do you expect your flooring to last?

Many people here in Southwest Florida rarely use hardwood because you can’t put it down on concrete due to the amount of moisture in the air. Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice as a result of that in Southwest Florida. We found an article in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine where they asked Professional, Alison Victoria, her opinion on either choosing wood or tile for your kitchen flooring. Also, 70% of HGTV readers chose wood, while only 30% chose tile.

,h2>Kitchen Decisions from the Professionals

Alison Victoria, from the DIY Network’s Kitchen Crashers, stated that: “Wood floors, whether they’re engineered or hardwood, add amazing warmth and character to a kitchen, but homeowners often worry: Will they get warped or water-damaged? Not if you have them pretreated with sealant. It makes moisture a nonissue—liquids just bead up and wipe off.”

We couldn’t agree more with Professional Alison Victoria! Although we love engineered hardwood, tile is extremely water resistant, and close to indestructible. Tile flooring also has many design possibilities so don’t give up on it completely. We will be happy to sit down and talk to you about the many flooring options available.

Helping You Choose Kitchen Flooring: Wood or Tile

At Cornerstone Builders of SWFL, our main goal is to provide you with an end result that will WOW you and your guests for years to come. When it’s time for you to remodel your home, we’re there every step of the way. Cornerstone is there to help you choose the perfect kitchen flooring for your new kitchen remodel. If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, contact us here today. We look forward to hearing from you!