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Prevent Damage When Rearranging

Bathroom, Closet, Kitchen

It’s that time of year again – the family is coming to town for the holidays! You know you’ll need to soon dust off the leaf for your dining table and set the extra chairs out; you’ll be arranging guest rooms and moving furniture from one place to another to increase comfort. We know hosting family and friends takes careful preparation. The slightest wrong move could damage a piece of furniture you cherish or scathe the interior of your home. Do not fret, you can safeguard your pristine abode by using caution and planning ahead.

Before you get down to business, think about the bigger picture and your completed spaces. In general, move furniture after you’ve:

  1. Give your home a good cleaning before planning where, what and how you are going to rearrange your space.
  2. Made a plan. Know exactly which pieces you are moving, what space you are relocating them to, and what steps need to be accomplished before moving them.
  3. Checked for trouble spots. Safety is most important! Make note of any areas that could cause an issue when moving between rooms, such as tight corners or sharp edges.
  4. Gathered your supplies. You may need measuring tape, moving blankets, painter’s tape, felt pads, a toolkit, bubble wrap, etc. depending on the scope of your project.

While each residence is unique in its own way, there are several staple ideas that can make rearranging your home more efficient and less troublesome.

Door Frames

Measure and then measure again! Ascertain the dimensions of both the doorway and the piece of furniture you’re moving through it. This will ensure the doorway is wide enough to prevent any nicks or damage (and save you from trying to fit a square peg into a round hole).



Say goodbye to scuffs on your natural oak floors. Conserve your time and energy by adding felt pads to the bottom of your couches, chairs, tables, etc. The pads make moving heavy items across a solid surface floor – including wood and tile – significantly easier and pain-free. If you realize it’s time to replace your tile, know that beautifully renovated flooring is one of our many remodeling specialties.


Padding your furnishings can significantly help protect their finishes from damage. Consider utilizing moving blankets, bubble wrap or other large, durable cloths you may have at home to wrap the furniture and any of its detachable pieces (including glass table tops). While it can consume precious time, sometimes the safest way to deflect damage is to disassemble furniture completely before transporting it to another room or storage. 


Partition walls often raise concerns when shifting things around, especially where infamously sharp corners increase the risk for furniture damage. Corner guards are a great tool to prevent furniture from chipping away at your walls. Just like you would wrap your furniture, you can also wrap your walls. Cover the walls along your moving path with cloth or cardboard, then secure it with non-damaging painter’s tape.

The preliminary plans you created will save you energy and increase efficiency, while simultaneously preventing costly home damage. With tools in hand and a solid strategy in mind, it’s now time to rearrange your home!

We believe in the importance of family, and sincerely hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with those dear to you. If you are hosting group festivities regularly, your family has grown, or you desire enhancements for next holiday season, feel free to contact our team.